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Date is an ancient fruit and date palms have been cultivated in Iran and the Middle East for thousands of years. Iran, as one of the largest producers of quality dates in the world, has about 400 varieties of dates including Sayer Date, Piarom Date, Zahedi Date, Kabkab Date, Mazafati Date to name but a few.

Chopped Dates

Wash the dates and cut them in half. Remove the stones and chop the flesh finely or coarsely. It is a great addition to salads.
Eating chopped dates is a ritual to live a life!
Dates are a naturally sweet treat and a healthy alternative for dieters with a sweet tooth. A good, fresh date should have brown, somewhat wrinkled and glossy skin and appear plump and not shriveled. Chopped dates are a great addition to fruit pies, sweet breads, and salads and can also be used for both savory and sweet dishes.
Try natural chopped dates and you will love it forever!!

About Date Sugar

Date sugar is a natural nutrient resulting from additive-free concentrate extraction. Its appearance is completely clear and its color is bright to deep yellow. The product process includes extraction, clarification, concentration, additional clarification and filtration, which are not done in the case of processing date syrup. Through clarification, insoluble, soluble (colorful), and semi-soluble (pectin) substances are removed. Date sugar ingredients are the same as honey.

Date sugar contains sugars such as fructose and glucose and also traces of other sugars, and it can be a good alternative to other sweeteners, especially natural honey. The sweetening level of date fructose is 1.2 times more than that of sucrose, which results in decreasing its industrial consumption and therefore it is commercially more competitive to other sweeteners.

Date Sugar Applications

1. Date liquid is used in the production of important foodstuff groups like natural juices, ice-cream, dairy and bakery products, and various beverages, especially the ones consumed by athletes. In fact, it can be the best alternative to syrup regarding its sugar content.

2. Date sugar is the best sweetener for food industries because of its numerous advantages such as a reasonable price in comparison with that of the similar types,
like honey, and also it tastes better and sweeter than its counterparts.

3. With the cola production trend in the world, it is notable that date sugar production has generated a great revolution in the cola production,
so most cola producers in the world have a tendency to use date sugar as the sweetening substance.

4. Date sugar can be used in the production of isotonic and energetic beverages, bakery products (cake and pastries), dairy products, etc. and it is an appropriate alternative to HFCS in cola and juice. Also, in the production of ice-cream, it helps create microcrystals due to reducing the freezing point.

5. The sugar structure of date sugar, including fructose and glucose, is the same as that of honey. Date sugar leads to the improvement of the pressure of body liquids (because of low ratio of Na to K).
Also, date sugar has a high level of fructose, the sugar needed by diabetics (and available in dried mulberries). Therefore, it can replace the allowable sugar a diabetic person uses because fructose is a type of sugar whose metabolism is independent of insulin.
Furthermore, date sugar contains a high level of potassium whereas its sodium is low and therefore it is definitely recommended to people on a diet.

6. The sugar of date is immediately absorbed and converted to energy after eating, thus it is helpful for refreshment. Moreover, due to its high content of iron and fiber, date is conducive to the obviation of anemia and favorable to the digestive system.
And date is an appetizer and cleaning agent of the liver and kidneys.

Uses of Dates

In Foods: Dates can be eaten plain or used chopped up in cookery, pastry, and confectionary such as in cake, sweet, pudding, bread, ice cream, cereal, candy.
Surplus date is used in jam, jelly, juice, syrup, vinegar and alcohol.
Medicinal Uses: The fruit, because of its tannin content, can be used medically as a detersive and astringent for intestinal diseases. It can be used as infusion, decoction, syrup or paste and is administered as a treatment for sore throat, colds and bronchial catarrh. It is taken to relieve fever, cystitis, gonorrhea, edema and liver and abdominal diseases. It is also said to counteract alcohol intoxication.
Good source of fiber, no added sugar, deliciously fat free, prepare to be amazed